level 5

[Post New]by Beronika1954 on Dec 7, 09 1:21 PM
Is this a defect or glitch? Is there a way to skip this level altogether?
The time is too short to make the words!


Re:level 5

[Post New]by 33papa on Jan 10, 10 4:22 AM
I need help on this...have asked a number of times, but no reply....Student Level 5 is far toooo hard for anyone. Time runs out too quick, and can't seem to pass the level. Since it is only a "Student Level" then I think it is only fair to give more time. Unless there are any tips to get out of this stage...I am curious to see whether others have managed to pass this stage? And how they managed. Off course there must be but I feel it is too difficult for students only...Help please!!!!!!!! Shame because it was a fun game until I reached Student Level 5.

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Re:level 5

[Post New]by jeannemaria on Feb 15, 10 7:59 PM
I also got stuck on Student level 5 for quite a long time. I am sure there must have been a glitch. Just persevere. I just finished Level 29 of MASTER. Some levels i had to do a few times, but not nearly as many times as Student Level 5. On level 21 of Master the most valuable word I had was "Pacifying". With the bonus letters I got 2486 for that one word. On Level 22 the most valuable word was "Partially" for which I got 2664. The most valuable word "Boundary" was in level 23, for which I got 5320. I use as many Bonus letters as possible. My longest words have been: Cooperation, Constraints, Contracting and Friendliest, all 11 letters. I have made many words of 9 and 10 letters.


Re:level 5

[Post New]by chefjenj on May 22, 11 9:32 AM
This level is rediculously hard. To bypass it, you have to edit the users.cfg file located in your wordzen program folder. On the PC, I used notepad to edit the file.

Search for <t_2>4 and then change the 4 to a 5, and save the file.

The essentially tells the game that on tier 2, you've completed the first 5 levels.


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