How do I kill Morgan? Help Please

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I have followed the walkthrough for Treasure Island perfectly and I am now at the Long Johns Room where the pirates are holding Pepita hostage. It says to shoot Morgan - I have the loaded pistol but every time I try and shoot any pirate in the room it says that it is too risky, I need to think of something else and it wont let me.

I am stuck and don't know how to continue. I have read several walkthroughs and they all say just shoot but the program is not allowing me to do so. Have I done something wrong? Help would be great as I want to finish the game. Thanks


Re:How do I kill Morgan? Help Please

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Tie the boat to the ring on the rock wall. Use Anchor hitch knot to tie the rope. Select: bottom, bottom, top, 4 and 5. Exit the boat.

Look at the skeleton on the bank. The river is deadly because of the piranhas.

Talk to the parrot left of the entrance. The pirates are up there and it's a trap.

[b]Other part where you may be stuck again...................

Pirates: Ring the bell. Negotiate with the pirates. They want ready money or treasure. A basket is lowered down.

You can or not give the cannonball to the pirates. It doesn't matter to the ending of the game.

If you place the cannonball on the basket, the pirates and Jim will have a long discussion about what the cannonball is made up of. In the end, they throw the cannonball into the piranha filled water.

To continue on, combine the open bottle of rum with the cork. Place the bottle of rum in the basket.

Listen to the argument that ensues. **** was thrown into the piranhas. Morgan shoots the other pirate.

Iff i this isn't the right part of the game thet you are stuck try this:
Click on the steps and Long John says it is a secret passage to his house.

Jim climbs up. See Pepita and Morgan. Use the loaded pistol on Morgan.

See the gun misfires and Morgan shoots himself on the foot. Long John hits Morgan with his crutch.

Pepita wants the chains off. Morgan says that the key is with **** down in the river. But could be there's another one... Talk to Morgan.

Take the mirror, slate and crayon from the table. Take the bottle of rum from floor beside the dead pirate. Disassemble the bottle of rum to get open bottle and cork.

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Re:How do I kill Morgan? Help Please

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