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What keeps you in the game?

[Post New]by qchb on Feb 11, 16 12:24 PM
I'm a naturally curious person, and I'm interested in knowing what are the appeals of the game for you? I know that some of you, if not many, have been waiting for the next area to open up and others are enjoying leveling up and exploring new areas.
Is it the anticipation of new areas, the pretty great graphics, the various actions you can do, or the challenge of reaching the maximum levels?
I, myself, who thought I would just abandon the game with no new areas to explore, have found that its still enjoyable enough to keep my attention. I like doing certain balloons, I always do the diver, and as much as this seems odd, I like using magic towers to plant as many mushrooms and flowers possible ( it's a little funny to see the villagers walk through them)!
Anyhow, that's my question, I hope you all understand this isn't a dish thread, just a friendly and interesting discussion one!
Hakuna Matata


Re:What keeps you in the game?

[Post New]by Minacat on Feb 11, 16 8:41 PM
I just genuinely like the game. It's pretty entertaining and in curious to see what the new depths will have in store for us.


Re:What keeps you in the game?

[Post New]by Purdyenough on Feb 13, 16 5:38 AM
The balloons, building and my store. I have spent real money on stones to open the walls for the ballon islands and pearls for inventory. Did that once because I was collecting boxes and didn't have too. Lol live, play and learn. Didn't need to buy stones for the walls because you can get help with that too. Another lesson learned. Anyway, waiting still and still in the dead zone. I don't play all the time anymore. I make things and sell things. Get my daily reward and go do something else. I really want to love this game again.


Re:What keeps you in the game?p

[Post New]by smilingeyes on Feb 16, 16 3:31 AM
I'm still in the game because I have set my own little goals for myself. It is a fun little game and I enjoy helping others get past certain challenges ( for example if they are working toward the castle puzzle challenge, I try to make and put as many items on the market for them). By the time I get my little goals achieved, hopefully there will be a new section. -eternally hopeful. Haha


Re:What keeps you in the game?

[Post New]by Minacat on Feb 16, 16 11:34 PM
I do the same thing smilingeyes! I try to make sure my store is stocked with useful things he for other players. I'm on level 80 so I'm not in the dead zone yet, but there's not much to do at this level either.

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