plz help

[Post New]by tina80 on Sep 23, 08 1:23 AM
i cant find the fairytale forest i dont know what i need to open the secret garden and where it is?
can anyone help me?

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Fairytale Forest and Secret Garden

[Post New]by Lizziesweden on Sep 23, 08 3:13 AM
To open the Secret Garden talk to the girl and then Ulrich, he agrees to open the door if you find him an "amazing sonnet".
To get the sonnet finish the quest for the Sultan in Seri, then talk to Simini in the blue house in Seri.
Look at the maps at Amaranth games to find Fairytale Forest.


Re:plz help

[Post New]by shaymin12321 on Nov 11, 08 10:06 PM
look at forums and look at heyyy and look at other forums and see my comments it mmay help you

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