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Reiner Knizia's Ingenius comments and reviews

[Post New]by cche on Dec 8, 09 1:08 AM
I have this board game and also have played many times on a German board game site. (Those who love boardgames will find many skilled opponents at brettspielwelt.)

While I haven't played this version, I can say that the game is lots of fun, with a good mix of skill and luck. You place tiles (consisting of pairs of hexagons with two symbols on them) onto the playing area which varies in size with the number of players in order to score points for the lines of like symbols your tile abuts. You score separately in each kind of symbol, and the one whose smallest score is the largest among the players will be the winner.

I highly recommend the game.

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Re:Reiner Knizia's Ingenius comments and reviews

[Post New]by karolyneb on Dec 8, 09 2:46 AM
This is a board game that plays a little like dominoes crossed with Pente on acid. I believe there is a multiplayer mode that allows several folks in the same location to play at the same time.

Now that I have another computer to check it out on, here are the updates:

The good: Unique strategy board game
Very helpful tutorial
Computer player has different skill settings
Option to have several live players allows for play by any skill level or age

The bad: Main menu is laid out like a game board - some items (like the tutorial)required a bit of searching to find

Game once crashed when attempting to load a game and did not completely exit. As a result, the demo expired before I had a chance to do much with it. Tried it again on a different system and it worked just fine.

Who will like this: Folks who enjoy board games
Folks who enjoy dominoes

Who will hate this: Folks who are looking for a game that requires less strategizing.

Karolyneb's note:
Although it is listed under adult games, I think most children would enjoy playing against each other.

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Re:Reiner Knizia's Ingenius comments and reviews

[Post New]by calsmom2001 on Dec 9, 09 5:48 AM
I had never heard of this game, and unfortunately, I did not DL the demo till late yesterday, so I had no chance to put in my two cents worth in time for others to DL as the DD.

I LOVE this game! It's exactly what I want as a break from all the HOGs and M3s. Don't get me wrong, I love both of those genre of games, but sometimes I want something different, that plays differently every time. This game is that for sure.

So far I've played about six or seven games, won a couple, lost most, but I am really enjoying it. I recommend demoing this game, and then, at the very least, watching for it to come up again as the DD.

ETA: Love the dominoes crossed with Pente on acid comment!

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Re:Reiner Knizia's Ingenius comments and reviews

[Post New]by wrath6 on Dec 12, 09 5:27 PM
I love this game and it was a good deal, i picked it up on daily deals. Its reminds me of checkers/chess when you have to plan out your moves a step ahead of your opponent. When i need a break from HOGS/IHOGS , i play this or G2 - Geeks Unleashed. I have only won a couple times but thats what keeps me coming back for me, trying to beat the computer.

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Re:Reiner Knizia's Ingenius comments and reviews

[Post New]by jellow10 on Apr 20, 11 11:18 AM
I LOVE this game!! Rarely a day goes by that I don't play at least a few rounds of it. When I have just a few minutes to play something, this is my "go-to" game. The longer you play it, the more you understand the strategy, especially if you're playing the version with the clock. It is a combination of skill and luck. Sometimes you just don't get the right tiles, but if you keep an eye on your tile graph and the computer's, you can plan your moves so that you're often the victor. The only thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to change the skill level of the computer. Others have said it can be done but I haven't figured it out.


Re:Reiner Knizia's Ingenius comments and reviews

[Post New]by byronhawkins on Jun 9, 13 12:11 PM
This is a great strategy game, and one of the few that works well for 3 players.

Unfortunately, the implementation has a major error: only one tray of tiles is displayed at a time. This is a very severe mistake, because it means that the players cannot plan their moves in advance, and cannot prevent any moves that are available to the other players. For example, if I play with my brother, I can only see his tiles when it is his turn--I cannot see my own tiles, nor can he see my tiles.

This ruins most of the interesting strategy, especially when it comes to the end of a close game. Players are not able to determine what moves their opponents may be able to make, nor can they plan their own moves. The game is simply ruined. It is really not Knizia's "Ingenious" anymore.

I do not recommend purchasing this game for multi-player use because of this major implementation failure.

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