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Fatima Has Left the Building

[Post New]by virginiabreeze on Feb 13, 16 8:56 PM
Please help if possible, I am unable to start the second Valentine quest for Fatima today (February 13) as she decided to disappear prior to my accepting it. I know I have in the past wished she would go away (in a nice way of course), but now was not the time.

I have deleted and re-installed the game, but the quest has not returned.

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Re:Fatima Has Left the Building

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Feb 14, 16 5:07 AM
Re :Valentine's Event 2016
[Post New]by Scoutmander on Feb 13, 16 5:43 PM
Hi all,

Did I mess up? I completed the quest for the lilacs and the candy and when I collected award, another quest popped up but I never started it. I had to log off. When I signed back in later this evening, the 2nd part of the quest is gone. Did I lose it for good? It was the quest to find the bon-bons and the artsy valentine.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Valentine's Event 2016
[Post New]by List4Art on Feb 13, 16 6:56 PM

I think it is gone. Same thing happened to me, I logged off in between the two and lost the second quest. Funny thing... other two games I had been playing the first quest and logged off that computer too but the first quest was sitting there reset and ready to play.

Concentrate on the remaining two collections you can complete this go around Love letters and Flower bouquet.

Re: Valentine's Event 2016
[Post New]by Scoutmander on Feb 13, 16 7:25 PM
Thank you and sorry you lost yours too. That is a bummer for us both!

Re: Valentine's Event 2016
[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Feb 13, 16 8:00 PM
Opps, realized I was logged onto the other account when I posted that before.

Well, there is still gold in them thar' hills! I am going to go heavy on the other two collections. I knew better than to log off and did it out of habit. There are all kinds of holes to step in during this game, this was just another of them. Bet they don't catch us up on the Spring event.

Re: Valentine's Event 2016
[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Feb 14, 16 5:01 AM
I had completed both of the first quest and accepted the reward and was between the two quests when I logged off. At the time, I thought. "You should not have done that. Oh well, too late now." And it really was.

The other two games I had played both parts and not accepted the reward
- both of them came back as uncompleted and ready to play again. In the case of my two games, it had nothing to do with leaving one part unplayed. So it was leaving them unrewarded that was the key.

I do agree that a separate quest should be able to be left for play after log off but there you have it - another rabbit hole to fall into.

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