level 63

[Post New]by razz123 on Feb 13, 16 9:09 PM
how to play and finish this level

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Re:level 63

[Post New]by karadione on Mar 10, 16 2:31 PM
I had major trouble with this one too. In fact I gave up on it for a few days then went back and tried it again, and again, and ... I finally found a way to do it and finally beat it, but if your looking for the gold on this one, this method won't do it ... takes too long. but if you only want to get through it here's how I did it.

Built the grove first and nothing else. Fought off ghosts till I got enough sandalwood to pay off al the guys. Then while the shield and horn were active I built the field and quarry, and trader. Kept collecting everything and upgrading [although the ghosts won't attack while you are building or upgrading] Built the temple [ghosts won't attack it]. When I got enough wood I repaired the bridge. When the shield wears off, I only kept one active plot until I collected more than I needed from it, then let the ghosts have it while I repaired something else doing same with it until I had enough. Finally attacked the wall which was relatively easy now.

Hope this helps.

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