Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by kari79 on Sep 23, 08 7:10 AM
Okay I have played this level at least 4 times and keep ending up bankrupt. Does anyone know any pointers for that level? After filling popcorn and soda I only have enough funds to buy 1 movie to start with. Ugh! Please Help!

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Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by popcorn_20000 on Sep 30, 08 7:58 PM
*sigh* me too... this one has been testing my patience.. but will try the suggestion of maxing out loans...

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Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by dexter3657 on Oct 6, 08 9:01 PM
I did buy it. I'm not really an expert at this type of game. I played the hour demo and thought it was fun, and it was for the first 6ish levels and then it just got impossible. Maybe not impossible, but really really hard. I thought it got too hard too quick and didn't give me a chance to learn. It was easy and then it was hard. You may be really good at this type of game and not find it hard at all, but that's my humble opinion.


Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by LeahxRIx on May 31, 09 5:39 PM
How did everyone restart this level? I failed very quickly and there is nothing to sell and it won't allow me to restart the level. I tried going back to the level before this one thinking that may reset it, but it didn't.


Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by x_Domino_x on Jul 11, 09 12:28 AM
The movie purchase prices for this level soar astronomically with seemingly no rhyme or reason which irked me. I still am yet to complete this level but I did read on a walk through that to restart you need to sell off all of your upgrades and get as large a loan as you possibly can. You can then either 'pay it out' when you don't have enough money left or if that doesn't work for you, do what I did and just keep playing through each day without making any other purchases. Within a week you should get an announcement that you're bankrupt and you can restart that level.


Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by Clubware on Aug 14, 09 9:04 PM
I agree. The game got too hard too fast with no gradient. I also had trouble restarting then realized I had not maxed out the bank & loan shark. You have to max them out then fail completely to restart.

I'm trying some of the strategies here a few times to see if I can crack it. But if it takes longer than an hour, I'm off to another game.

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Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by Clubware on Aug 14, 09 11:00 PM
Ok. I've started making progress on this level. Haven't beat it yet so can't confirm this strategy works 100%. If & when I do beat it, I'll post accordingly. But I have made more progress than any previous time including getting my popularity up to 11% so far and not going bankrupt, paying back the loan shark twice, still having plenty of cash, etc., with this strategy. So here it is.

I followed the advice above about maxing out the bank & loan shark from day one - before doing anything else. I maxed out the loan term days for the bank at 100 days as part of this.

I filled up the concessions. Then I bought the best Hot movie I could find paying attention to the reviews.

I then spent $50 on flyers and $100 on specials.

All of the above was done before starting a single day.

Now here are the things I've found that really seem to be making this level work:

1. Each day (or nearly each day), depending on the income, I increase the flyers & specials in small increments from $10 to $25 each. Never less than $10 and usually spending more on specials than flyers (like $10 for flyers and $15 for specials, etc.). On big days I add $20 - $25 to each one and some really big days I've added $50 to specials - but so far this has only been about once.

2. Every 1 - 3 days at least one upgrade. I upgraded the sound and parking first as suggested. Then candy, projector and advertising. Then seats.

3. I do not refill the concessions each day. Only when they go below 50%. This conserves cash.

4. This one is important: I've noticed that this level runs in cycles. It seems that no matter what you do, the first few days of a cycle will have low revenue (like $1k per day). If you can make it through these days, just checking your concessions to be sure they're not too low and making small increases to your promos, in about 3 - 5 days the income will jump to $3k - $5k per day.

Then it may decrease. Then about once every 7 days or so, you get a big jump - like $10k - $20k in 1 day. So if you can make it through the lean days, the revenue will jump.

The above has happened for me each time before the loan shark payment was due and I was able to pay him in full each time - on time.

5. Save enough cash to pay the loan shark and still have at least $7k left. You'll need this for movies, promotion & upgrades.

6. I have not sold any movies back yet. I've been saving them & recycling them - each genre. Rotating screens.


Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by Clubware on Aug 19, 09 12:07 AM
Ok. I have officially beat the Bijou Multiplex. This is how to beat the Bijou Multiplex in Cinema Tycoon 2.

Use the strategy in my previous post. Then continue upgrades with emphasis on parking & sound. Increase promo each round with emphasis on Specials & Flyers.

When the cash really starts to roll in (above 20k per day) really ramp up the promos spending more on Specials than anything. Add Radio, then TV (I never used newspaper).

Keep the snack bar upgrading as well. And HOLD your movies. Don't sell them back. Use multiple screens on hot movies. Eventually you'll get the rhythm & beat it. I finished with over $700k and 45% popularity.

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Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by unclepaul on Jul 4, 12 6:10 AM
Thank you so much for that advice Clubware . I finished the Bijou with a star. But at least that allowed me to go on to the next one.


Re:Bijou Multiplex Need Help

[Post New]by tiff_hart on Aug 19, 12 11:07 AM
I have finally figured out how to beat this level and then just fly past the last few complex's!!! Its all about the Promos! Do what everyone is saying, about maxing out both loans right off the bat. Then buying the food and if you have two theaters, the buy one movie and play them in both for the first few rounds, or if you have four then try and buy two cheap ones and play them in two each.. Then, the trick is to Promote to the MAX!! This has worked for me every single time and I beat the entire game without failing in like an hour. I usually start off using the Promo "special" and I go as high as i can.. So If I have $2700 left from buying everything and my daily cost is $600, then I max my special to $2100 and that will bring people in right away, and I make about 4-6 thousand dollars a day, instead of just 2 or 3. So that gives me money to do small upgrades, such as snacks, and advertising, which brings in more people too. As the amount I have slowly goes higher and higher I raise my promo price to the max every time and spend all the money I have. Then I slowly pay off the loan shark, about a 1000 at a time. I only have to borrow from them once, which was right at the start. The promos for those last levels are the KEY to winning, so focus on them. Hope I could help

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