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Collectibles Locations - SPOILERS

[Post New]by skyepearl on Feb 14, 16 4:30 PM
Searched the internet but couldn't find a complete listing on ALL the collectibles - so I ended up making my own list. None of the rooms in the final location of the game - the "French Mansion" area - were "officially" labeled, so I'll do my best to explain where to find them. Hope this helps!

1. Roosevelt: Apothecary - left counter
2. Eisenhower: Dock (by the tank & minefield) - left side of screen under lamp
3. Truman: Tunnel - lower right screen, behind leaves
4. Stalin: Cliff - left/middle screen, right of statue, on wood post
5. de Gaulle: Sanctuary - between left curtain & altar, on floor
6. Churchill: Icy Bridge - center screen, railing by bare branches
7. Hitler: In French Mansion (unlabeled) room with harp & bust needing green eyes - on top of harp

WAR UNIFORMS: (ALL of these collectibles look like military hats/caps in the game but are actually different articles of clothing for the mannequins)

Army (left mannequin):
1. Spiked Tomb - Shoes (1st collectible able to pick up) - on left spiked wall
2. Town Gate - Pants - near red/black/white guardhouse & gate
3. Apothecary - Hat - on top of left shelving unit
4. House (next to apothecary) - Jacket - behind woman on statue head
5. Dock (by tank & minefield) - Gun - on right railing

(middle mannequin):
1. Very first screen after mine cart crash (unlabeled) - Shoes - on left bench
2. Secret Room (boy runs away) - Pants - right side screen, on curio cabinet door
3. Lakeside - Hat - on dock post
4. Castle Gate - Jacket - on obelisk
5. Front yard of French Mansion (unlabeled)- Sword - above door on the ledge, left & below the big window.

Marines (right mannequin):
1. Secret Passage (room with 2 cat statues needing collars) - Hat - at the top of the stairs, on the right side
2. Ceremonial Chamber - Shoes - on left most of 3 pillars
3. 1st Icy/Snowy area (unlabeled) - Pants - left of tree on pedestal
4. French Mansion greenhouse (unlabeled) - Jacket - on the floor by the red curtain
5. French Mansion bar/spear area (unlabeled) - Gun - on animal head left wall

To Be Continued....

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Re:Collectibles Locations Part 2 - SPOILERS

[Post New]by skyepearl on Feb 14, 16 5:06 PM
1. Cell - left side, under table
2. Beneath the Bridge - above the lion head
3. French Mansion Foyer/Main Hall (unlabeled) - right side, top of tall cabinet
4. French Mansion Jail (unlabeled) it's the room to the right of the harp room after the butterfly puzzle - above the left door

1. Old Mine Shaft - center screen, by bucket
2. Very first screen after mine cart crash (unlabeled) - in broken cart, right side
3. Town Gate - next to cup/coin guy on rock
4. Harbor - on the barrel with the red cloth

1. Tunnel - on the upper left in the red curtain
2. Secret Room (boy runs away) - top of shelf above desk
3. Castle Gates - top of wall, left side, between turret & gate
4. French Mansion Bomb Room (unlabeled) it's the room left of main hall/foyer leading to greenhouse - on the chair

1. Town Square - on ground left of old man in front of crate
2. Demolished Hallway - upper right screen in wooden beam
3. French Mansion Greenhouse (unlabeled) - above the light pink flowered arch
4. French Mansion Bakery (unlabeled) it's the room to the left of the harp room - on bread shelf

1. Harbor - on the left side on a crate above the anchor
2. Throne Room - on the upper left on a tree branch
3. 1st Icy/Snowy area (unlabeled) - left of the crate, right side of screen, on ground
4. French Mansion Workshop/Blacksmith (unlabeled) - on the ceiling by the wheel & rafter

1. 1st area right after the minefield with the large hole in the ground (unlabeled) - right side tree roots
2. Secret Passage (room with 2 cat statues needing collars) - middle right screen above archway with bars
3. Ceremonial Chamber - upper left screen by dragon head
4. French Mansion Bar/Spear room - upper screen, left of chandelier & right of mirror

Good luck in your collecting!

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Re:Collectibles Locations - SPOILERS

[Post New]by dollyflower on Feb 15, 16 10:58 AM
Thanks, Skyepearl!

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Re:Collectibles Locations - SPOILERS

[Post New]by Loonz111 on Feb 17, 16 8:29 AM
Wow that's a great job! Thanks!!!

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