Loved the story!

[Post New]by bomberman77 on Dec 9, 09 8:10 AM
I thought the romantic subplot between Hodgins and Chase was just great. Some people are commenting on the not so great ending but, personally I really liked how it all came together the way it did with the father character and the hint that Hodgins and Chase will finally get together for real.

I hope for the next game, more interactive features will be added.

I def recommend playing this game, if nothing else than for the story.

5 stars!


Re:Loved the story!

[Post New]by bomberman77 on Dec 9, 09 8:16 AM
Oh, I'm referring to Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal btw in case some forum members aren't sure which game I'm referring to.

Now, to find some other games with more kickass stories on here

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