Last 2 Scarecrows

[Post New]by LadyTriem on Feb 15, 16 10:49 AM
Ugh! I am blocked by the last 2 briar patches to the last 2 scarecrows. The one leading to the scarecrow on the "island" in the western portion of Briar Woods, and the one blocking the ladder to the scarecrow just north of that. Help! I've wandered for hours, and can't seem to find a hidden path or anything

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Re:Last 2 Scarecrows

[Post New]by Cinders31 on Feb 16, 16 8:51 AM
I had a hard time finding them all as well. I noticed that some were in the corn fields. Eventually I did get them all but cannot remember exactly where each one is. I suggest start out at the beginning and just keep to the bottom, then on your way back take one path up as far as you can, then back, over and up again, just to make sure you have taken every area that is open.

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