Where Is It?!!

[Post New]by carolthescot on Sep 23, 08 8:59 AM
I'm on the last round and I've got to the stage where i've found all the items in the lit areas.The problem is i can't seem to see the 'battey' to light the other 3 areas-but the clue also says ' find a battery or X-ray device....' can someone explain to me what kind of X-ray device I'm meant to be looking for please

Thanks ever so much in advance

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Re:Where Is It?!!

[Post New]by golfdiva1 on Dec 14, 08 7:16 AM
I wish someone had replied, because I can't seem to find it either! All you have to do is find the battery and the game will do the rest.

ok, I editted this as I found the batteries:

fortune teller - lower left of picture on the chair
junk yard - lower right of picture, I think on the bumper
Rocco's News - right window, lower right corner
Sewer - lower left next to the black and yellow stripe.
Merry Go Round - lower right, on top of the fence post cap
Gas station - left side just below the center
Pier - next to the time clock, under the life ring

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Re:Where Is It?!!

[Post New]by TheDoubleO on May 31, 09 5:12 PM
The battery looks like the one that will be on the right side where the little briefcase is.

Now as you are looking in each location for your clues, in one of these locations you will find a smaller version of this battery. When you click on it, you will get a 'charging action' and then it will allow you to see the other location that is saying that you need the battery.

Each of the locations that you are searching for clues have the 'possibilitiy' to have a battery however, there is only one for each search game that you are playing. If you run out of time, then the battery will move to one of the other locations.

The place that the battery is in each location will not change. just which location you will need to find it in.


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Re:Where Is It?!!

[Post New]by confuesed on Jul 17, 09 8:07 PM
I have search in Sewer all around the yellow and black stripes and it is not there. Help - Help please

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