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Friends of deziner33 on PC

[Post New]by deeziner on Feb 16, 16 1:40 PM
To my friends in my PC game...Deziner33...I apologize...I haven't been active in this game for many weeks. I THOUGHT I had removed my wishlist the last time I checked into the game. Checked today and found I was mistaken.

Now my list is removed and I have amended my name with ..."Deziner33/onbreak".

For the record:
This break is because I'm never on my home PC anymore (and can't figure out a way to make my game travel to my school's PC)....NOT because of the update...for many this won't matter...but to some it does(?). AND since I don't know how often i will be checking in, of course I take no offense to those who choose to delete me from their lists.....

I'm not sure if my in-game friends come to forums...but courtesy dictates....and again, I apologize for keeping a messy home.

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