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I may just cry....but maybe I will....

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 16, 16 7:28 PM
I may just cry....but maybe I will....scream and say a whole lot of really bad things!

How can they make such a fun game, and not have something as simple as an exit and save?

All I did, was to check on whether I had gotten Blunga # 9.....snicker.....that has got me laughing....and periodically, Ungh makes an exclamation that I can hear, because I left the game running, and it obviously has never heard of a "pause" either
Thank heavens for those, and for having learned an attitude of neither blowing up or carrying anger around with me....

BUT, I went to check the 'map'.....and the Blunga count and other "Honors" like Mjam-Mjam, Sniaarb and Bzzzzzz (that one won a full bellylaugh from Ungh)...and to see if I was ready to enter Onk Boga III......
After finally figuring out how to open the tent at the dirty stone.....
getting the club (TIMING)... and getting the POT to get down the entire hill to the next camp (TIMING, TIMING TIMING!!!!)
AND wondering what I do to get that! CHARMING firefly.....and to move on.
I don't want to play any more tonight, but I feel so cheated at having gotten so far, and loosing my continuity, or whatever it is called.
I still have 9 Blunga......but have to speak to a miraculously recovered Shaman all over again.

snicker.....I DO, love that rain dance though

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Re:I may just cry....but maybe I will....

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 18, 16 2:20 PM
Just to be clear here....
I DO love this game.....
and, I love how different it is......but, people should be warned, that it does not have the Usual, Casual Games save as you go thing.

and, if the Devs happen to look in....people should be able to check the map, the blunga chest or the honors, without loosing everything they have previously done.....and without needing to save before doing that.
I don't even know if trying to save before checking the Blunga will work.

snicker....I was going to say 'coin chest' but typing blunga, is so much more fun.

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