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my house is empty

[Post New]by drummer1961 on Dec 10, 09 10:30 AM
One of the peeps died, and now I have noone in the house. Noone to read the e-mails, none to pick up socks or wrappers. Neither of their 2 sons has moved in so th house is bare. Should I restart ad begin again or should wait/ I've already waited now about 3 days---------------Anyone give me some tips??

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Re:my house is empty

[Post New]by Zoesgran on Dec 10, 09 11:29 AM
Click on Family at the bottom of the page next to store detail etc, and a button with "New Generation" should be there at the top. Click that and you will get the choice of which of their sons to "adopt". Have a look at them and if you don't like the first one click "try again". Then when you adopt one, he will get emails from girls and you get the choice for him either to marry or reject them.

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