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Fashion Rush Review

[Post New]by karolyneb on Dec 11, 09 12:56 AM
Fashion Rush is a pretty stock TM game. It does allow a little non-linear gameplay in that the player can decide what clothing type to make for the next level.

The good: Ability to choose to save the game or continue after each level
Ability to select the next clothing type to make

The bad: Glacial gameplay - everything is slow. The characters move slowly. The customers take forever to decide on what they want. Cutting and sewing is slow.

Ugly graphics

Who will like this: Folks just starting with TM games who want lots of time to decide what happens next?

Karolyneb's note:
Be sure to try this one before you purchase it to make sure it is your cup of tea.

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Re:Fashion Rush Review

[Post New]by Howatch on Dec 11, 09 7:29 PM
Thank you for the critique.

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Re:Fashion Rush Review

[Post New]by Candukay on Dec 11, 09 11:40 PM
I agree 100%

The main reason why I will not buy this game, even though it is a daily deal, is because it is just too slow. But I like TMs that are somewhat chaotic, so this game actually made me tired!

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Re:Fashion Rush Review

[Post New]by dolcifusa on Apr 24, 10 3:15 PM
Absolutely true... this game is soo slow, even the blonde walks slowly...

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