Developers, pleeeeeease remove flashing light feature

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Feb 18, 16 11:43 AM
I've made this request before to the people who develop this jigsaw puzzle game (and also a long line of other beautiful jigsaw puzzle games) and today I'm making this request again. "PLEEEEEEEASE.... pleeeeeease remove the "feature" of a flashing light every time a puzzle piece is correctly fitted into place in your jigsaw puzzle games."

I LOVE jigsaw puzzle games and you have released many of them with georgous, colorful, appealing puzzles. I eagerly download the demos of them hoping you have heeded my request and removed the flashing light "feature"... or, at least, added an option where the player may disable it if they wish. So far, each time I try a demo for one of your jigsaw puzzle games, the flashing light "feature" is still there and there is no option available to disable it.

I have frequent headaches and the flashing light in the game tends to make them worse. I know I am not the only person bothered by the flashing lights, for I've seen posts by other BFG account holders that indicate it is an issue for them also.

If I were a game developer, I would want to make my games as "user friendly" as I could so that more people would want to buy them. But, even though I LOVED the beautiful puzzles in this game and feel the game would be a great value since there are hundreds of puzzles in it, I WON'T BE BUYING THIS PUZZLE GAME BECAUSE OF THE FLASHING LIGHT "FEATURE".


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