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is it possible to lose battles with octopi /crabs ?

[Post New]by kandinsky on Feb 18, 16 5:35 PM
I am at level 73 and enjoying game greatly as a time passer
...but one question: when the octopi or crabs or whatever they
are show up and it says if you dont stop they they will fill the
board... in fact is it possible for them to win and fill the board?

and then what replay the level or?

my experience so far is that though they look menacing and
come on for a while they are not very hard to beat and seem
to simmer down after a bit? am always happy to get rid of
them but in fact I susspect they have no chance of winning

what does anyone think on this?

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Re:is it possible to lose battles with octopi /crabs ?

[Post New]by thistle809 on Feb 21, 16 10:47 PM
Possible spoiler!

It probably is possible to lose to the slimy denizens of the deep. lol

For anyone who is actually playing the game and not dozing or watching the background go by, it is reasonably easy to defeat the little creepy crawlers as they "chomp, chomp, chomp". They do get a bit more difficult to fight as you progress through the levels. Just when you think you've gotten that last little hungry beastie, they seem to pop up from nowhere. Just wait for a level where they lie in wait around the edge of the board held in check only by one layer of stone wall! Eeeeek!

I am reasonably certain that you would simply have the option to Restart the level. That option is given for a number of situations.

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Re:is it possible to lose battles with octopi /crabs ?

[Post New]by urban1a on Mar 26, 16 1:23 PM
I play the game as if they can take over the board; as soon as they appear, I attack to the best of my ability. I had a similar game once (it involved an oil spill, but I don't remember the name) where, if you didn't attack immediately, you could lose control. In fact, I almost lost it in level 111. All of a sudden, there were lots of the little beasties. I don't think I was really fast enough, or didn't get the right matches, but without much trouble I did defeat them.

Incidentally, the game is actually over, in the sense of having no more to buy, in level 112. I guess you can play for a long time after that, but, as I say, there is nothing more to buy or build.


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Re:is it possible to lose battles with octopi /crabs ?

[Post New]by Dadkop on Jul 21, 16 7:44 AM
I hate those little suckers. At 74 years old, I guess I am too old to keep up with them. I am just about ready to uninstall this game. I have played my low level over and over and can't get it. I'm not sure I want to even try more difficult levels.


Re:is it possible to lose battles with octopi /crabs ?

[Post New]by lslazar on Oct 15, 16 10:43 AM
It is not possible to lose to the chomping frogs or crabs. They multiply only up to a certain number and then stop, enabling you to eventually kill them off. For those having difficulty getting past certain levels, I have found that judicious use of the pick-axe in the lower right can eliminate blocks on levels that seem impossible to complete. I am at level 475, by the way. I love to play a few minutes whenever I have some time. This is my favorite of all three games, as it has not had any bugs with my computer.

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