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I need to delete some friend requests

[Post New]by annieliz1 on Feb 19, 16 9:51 AM
Before Christmas, when people were looking for friends to exchange Christmas gifts I foolishly offered on the forum to take on a new friend. Unfortunately I got dozens of requests; far too many to take on in any meaningful sense. I did take some on and most of those have continued as friends since the Christmas gifts finished. That is great. However I am still left with a long list of friend requests and much as I would like to do so I know I cannot take them all on otherwise I will hardly ever be able to gift people. So, I am going to have to decline all these friend requests. I hung on to them thinking I could accept some when due to natural wastage (so to speak) I could take on a few more friends. I did this but even with the players who have left since the last update I still have quite a sizeable list.

So please forgive me if you get your request deleted; it is not personal. If for some unfathomable reason you very much want to be friends with me you can tell me by pm and I will leave you on the list for whenever there is a vacancy.

Thanks to all of you.


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