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Technical Problem: Mouse disappears in Full Screen Mode

[Post New]by nobodyz on Feb 20, 16 11:59 PM
Hi. Since so many topics have been locked and a search returns no help, I am starting this thread hoping it will be easy, or at least short.

This is not a crash of the game.

This is new behavior on same machine: when I go to full screen mode, there is no mouse. I have to just keep moving the mouse all over until I see something highlight before I am able to interact with the game in full screen.

When in windowed, the mouse is there with the game's arrow cursor just fine.

Up until a month ago, this was NEVER a problem before.

Also I do not have a disappearing cursor and it's subsequent guessing game using a mouse in any other BFG game or other game or other program on my computer. This is only with My Farm Life 2.

Ideas? Using same hardware as before. The only thing that has changed is perhaps one update or two updates for my same Windows 7 Professional machine.

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