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Rather wimpy sounds and what's with the level score, anyway?

[Post New]by urban1a on Feb 21, 16 8:38 AM
I always play games with the music turned off, so this might have something to do with it, but I think the low energy clicks and mild booms are a problem in my enjoyment. I much prefer loud explosions and energetic indications that you have made a match, or used a bonus. Yeah, it may not be good for your hearing, but my 77 yo ears can take it.

I don't understand the calculation of the score at the end of the level. It seems ... random. The numbers will count upward for a bit and then settle down to a score which is less than the highest number counted. I feel almost cheated because I only got a 11,000 point score instead of the 100,000+ score shown while it was counting.

I'll have to keep playing it, since I went ahead and bought it, and maybe something will happen to improve my enjoyment.


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