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Ungh's dancing

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 21, 16 12:25 PM
Ungh's dance with the "disco" masked native is without a doubt, one of the best happy experiences and a great surprise.
Actually, the singing birds are stellar, in almost any of the mixes you can make between the four of them.....and the reactions of Ungh with all of the three Music Loving tribesmen is wonderful animation.....without a doubt.
I thought nothing could top the booty shaking of the rain, but I was wrong.

It is too bad that the game doesn't make automatic saves....but, on the upside, doing so, allows one to watch all those wonderful animations again!

Everybody should play this light=hearted game, just for the fun of it....
and, there is a written Walkthrough that is very helpful and easily found through an intertube search.....
Now, to replay the dancing, before I try and figure out how to pollinate the next bunch of flowers......and maybe to watch the video walkthrough that I found posted but not in the usual video hang out.

by the intertube search that got me the COMPLETE video walkthrough on a "cheat" site was <<Fire video walkthrough>> and then while I was scratching my head at those results, I decided to try the link <<Walkthrough Part 1 - FIRE Video Walkthroughs for PC>> but the person whose video walkthrough's it << Throneful>>......or, I suppose you could PM me for the links.....and then, be patient.

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