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Solutions to 'Doll's House in Laundry room

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 21, 16 1:48 PM
Ok,.....there is, what looks like a Doll's House above the thingy with the crown on it, in the Laundry room.
It is 7 rooms in which we have to correctly place certain characters.
A tall skinny man in a hooded cape or coat.....wearing a mask.
A tall skinny man in a "suit" wearing a top hat.
Puss in boots
A big Devil head green
Beauty ...for lack of a better name....Puss's rather spoiled wife....wearing orange gown
Tall Elderly man with ladyish shawl around shoulders....protagonists father or grandfather Sherlock something

Please.......who goes in which rooms?
top room....a "throne" and nothing much else
Left regular sitting room with a Basket =like chair covered with a blanket
top center....a room with a large graph chart
right top.....Rapunzel's bar?
Left bottom.....fancy bedroom
bottom center....Dungeon with a cauldron
right bottom.....Medieval Hall (????)

For the life of me, I am certain I have made correct choices, but the game does not move on.

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Re:Solutions to 'Doll's House in Laundry room

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Feb 25, 16 9:41 AM
I think that I've found the Room Puzzle that you posted about. I'm trying to use logic as much as possible. I started with this:

The 1st floor: Beauty in the Bedroom with Canopy Bed --- the Devil with the Pitchfork & Cauldron --- Puss-n-Boots with the Swords.

The 2nd Floor: Rapunzel goes on the right in the Bar.

That leaves me with 3 Characters & 3 Rooms so there are only 6 possibilities. I moved those 3 Characters around until I got the solution.

Solution: Highlight to read.

1st Floor Left to Right: Beauty --- Devil --- Puss-n-Boots

2nd Floor Left to Right: Brown Trench Coat holding Papers --- Top Hat With Cane --- Rapunzel

3nd Floor: Blue Trench Coat with Hood


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Re:Solutions to 'Doll's House in Laundry room

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 25, 16 2:05 PM
Thank you.
I hope you are enjoying the game now that you are playing it.

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