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Mindsweeper puzzle!!!!

[Post New]by sweatpea_25 on Feb 21, 16 5:15 PM
Someone please help me get past this puzzle, I hate to skip, I saw a post explain when you click on a square and there is a number that means there is a Golem connected to it, I tried working that strategy and it didn't make sense and never worked. I really HATE skipping a puzzle if there is any info someone can give me to make it easier please do, I am going crazy!!!!


Re:Mindsweeper puzzle!!!!

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Mar 10, 16 3:43 PM
I am not even going to finish this game because of the mindswweeper puzzle
You get an achievement if you skip no puzzles, well this game is impossible for me, never did understand it so I will not be getting all achievements. Its a shame you have to ask for your money back just because of this reason but I will try

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Re:Mindsweeper puzzle!!!!

[Post New]by DayGlow on Mar 19, 16 5:47 AM
I don't really like this type of puzzle, but I did get though it. I found a good strategy was to click all four corners. If there is a golem in one of those corners, you will start over, but if there is no golem in the corners, large amounts of the board will be cleared, leaving you with just a few squares to work with. Each number square indicates how many golems are within one square of the number, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Work with the ones first. Where there are two or more squares together numbered "1", there is a golem between them, or next to them. As for the squares numbered "2" and "3", you will just have to give it more thought, eliminating the impossible placements. I found it helped to think of the board as 3x3 squares.

Don't give up! It may take a few tries, but you can do this.

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