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Game's Title Changed /Song At Intro

[Post New]by Yaelle on Feb 21, 16 10:16 PM
Well. This is quite a situation we have here.
This game, under a different title, was given away for free at another gaming website last month. I got it, and have been completely taken aback at the beauty of the song at the intro. Just...wow!

So anyway, I did not realize that Big Fish even carried this game - wouldnt have mattered, I suppose, since its outside of my normal genre of games and because i've gotten it already...and free lol. So ANYWAY - the song is easily in the top 5 most beautiful that i've ever heard and tonight, after spending many a night doing my thing with this game running in the background just to provide the music! - I finally did some digging & got the name of the artist.

I searched around, and the first thing that i found was a post on social media by a Big Fish player LOL who had been wondering about the song, also! LOL. This is now 2016 and the other person had posted his or her question back in 2013.

I was about on the verge of contacting the developers! Its THAT good. Now I just need to figure out what to do with this information.

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