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Ten Years Later... Meh.

[Post New]by Yaelle on Feb 23, 16 2:26 PM
Not sure how this one passed me by - probably from back in the days when anything that wasnt a HOG was hidden away like an ugly stepchild, but now in 2016 Ive discovered this . . . tried it out. . .
While I'm happy to see a game of this genre here, ehhh I'm not sure if I just dont possess the business acumen & that you need one to play this, or if I just stink at it but I cant get the hang of this.

I may finish my one hour trial, but I doubt it.

I LOVE this type of game and have been trying to remember/find a similar one that I once had that was a lot of fun.

There's just so much to figure out/keep track of here & I cant do it.

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