Level 65?

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Feb 24, 16 12:57 PM
Has anyone been able to bet the Globe on this level? I have built and painted 6 A-frames, and staged them, but I'm still short $750. I also upgraded all of them to 3 stars, and I still fall short.


Re:Level 65?

[Post New]by kb_lil_sis on Apr 27, 16 10:09 PM
Did you ever figure this out? I have upgraded all 6 to 3 stars all painted all inspected all landscaped staged and appraised and I am at 16375 and world goal wanted 16500

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Re:Level 65?

[Post New]by Silvia543 on Aug 6, 16 4:52 PM
Not sure what you're talking about.
An A-frame fully upgraded with everything pays $2,750 rent.
6 times 2,750 = 16,500

You must have missed an upgrade somewhere.

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