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[/b]Hello unable to get out of numbe4 I got everything plus the stone which comes up to 4,then went to the scary crow and it lets me know that I need more stone's to make the net.Need help to go on to next level.
Thank You
Ms.Elouris Carr

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[Post New]by burf90 on Mar 12, 16 11:25 AM
You're probably past this by now, but just in case.

You need 3 flax to make 1 rope and you need 2 ropes to make 1 net. The man who gives you flax is on the lower right. Pay him 2 wood and 2 stone to harvest 3 flax. He'll drop it there when he's done and comes back after you pick it up. You need 6 flax to make enough rope for the net, so you'll have to pay him twice.

Once you have 6 flax, click the inventory button at the lower right. Click the fishing tab at the top of the screen. Your inventory is in the 9 squares on the left side. If you have enough flax to make rope, click the "craft" next to the picture of the rope (top picture). Once you have made 2 ropes, click "craft" next to the picture of the net (bottom picture).

When you have the net made, you can go finish the level.

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