Level 5- mouse sliding on branches

[Post New]by sweetpeach77 on Feb 28, 16 6:42 AM
When I get my mouse to the part when you slide on the branches, the second branch is not facing left and the mouse falls off. Not matter which way I put the branch, it is always facing right when my mouse gets to that part. What am I doing wrong?

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Re:Level 5- mouse sliding on branches

[Post New]by tookat on Mar 1, 16 3:23 PM
I think you have to position each tree and the big rock on top of the big head before you go into the maze as a mouse....and for some strange reason, you have to stand on the left=most rock as a bear (the one with the bear footprint) and have the tree branch hit you in the head three times......
then, you switch to the mouse.
Highlight to read the spoiler

This is copied from the Walkthrough by Walkthrough by MaGtRo April 2015

As a mouse enter and push the cork out.

Change to Ungh by standing on the lit circle at middle screen.

Pick up the cork and plug the rear of the giant worm in front of red flower at rightmost screen.

Pollinate the other flower: Change to bee. Get pollen from leftmost screen and now pollinate the closed flower at rightmost screen.

Get swallowed by the giant worm. Now that is plugged, it explodes. (BumBum).

Pollinate the closed flower. The flower grows.

Change to Bear: Stand on the now lit circle right of the 3 layer rock.

Click on each layer to form a bear. Click on the head hiding behind the rock. If correct change to a bear.

Make bridge: Take one of the small rock from the circle. Place it on the circle on the ground at rightmost screen to open the face rock at left.

Go to leftmost screen and take the large rock at bottom left of the screen.

Go back to the rightmost screen. Place the large rock on the hand that is out of the mouth of the face rock.

Take the small rock from the circle at right to raise the large rock at top of the face rock. We now have the head and flower at rightmost screen.

Place the small rock back at circle in middle screen.

Turn the tree at middle screen so that the branch is pointing to the left.

Go to the leftmost screen. Stand on the rock at middle of the ground.

Turn the tree branch so that it hits the head of the bear 3 times and makes a bridge to the open flower at left.

Maze: Change to mouse.

Go to leftmost screen and enter the cave at bottom left.

Be in a maze. Move the cursor through the open area until you reach the arrow at left.

See a coin at top right. Click on the #2 coin to get it.

Get firefly: See the mouse go from left screen to right and drops the firefly to ground.

Get #3 coin for doing the tree bridge correctly the first time. (Blunga 15).

Change to Ungh.

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Re:Level 5- mouse sliding on branches

[Post New]by tookat on Mar 2, 16 2:30 PM
I don't know how I screwed up changing the text color so that it was not invisible.

Those folks who do not want the SPOILER ABOVE.....

oh.....maybe I can edit it!

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