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[Post New]by jessespooky on Feb 28, 16 6:38 PM
Recently bought this game with a credit. And I think it is worth the regular SE price. I am not a fast player, played casual, and got several hours of play. Interesting somewhat spooky supernatural story-line. Has good voice-over plus text so you can play being hearing impaired or just need/want to turn sound off. Loved the graphics. Well written story. Lots of back and forth, so its interactive map is very helpful. Map also let you know where things needed to be done.

Never used the hint button, so have no idea how long it needed to recharge. I do not like having to use it and on some games it is not much help anyway. Need help, check out the walkthrough if you really need to, which I occasionally (I admit), I have done. Interactive HOs, not junk piles, some in the browns/darker tones, clever hiding of objects.

Overall, I give this 4 1/2 stars. Nothing beats 5 stars of Mystery Case Files.


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[Post New]by jessespooky on Feb 28, 16 6:41 PM
Forgot to mention that I am playing Win 10 on a Lenovo that originally had 8.1 bought maybe six months ago.

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