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[Post New]by jessespooky on Feb 28, 16 7:51 PM
Have the rest of the series. Fun game and worth buying. Art is great, story line generally good. Several hours of entertainment playing casual, I am an experienced player, but not a fast one. Will try harder level later.

I do agree with other earlier reviewers that this one is different than the previous games. A lot lighter in theme and suspense. And I usually do not mind an occasionally misspelling or use of British English in describing objects (easy enough usually to figure out). While not horrible, there were a number of incorrect usages of English phrasings and word usage. One I word used two or three times was "consilences", I am going to see If I can find that one or something of similar spellingin my dictionary or online. I kinda took it to mean things that were connected somehow or similar. The developers need to be more careful about their translations. The game also felt a little truncated or rushed in parts.

I give a solid 3 stars.


Re:New review

[Post New]by jessespooky on Mar 5, 16 5:58 PM
Found out that consilences meant. It is a real word meaning evidence coming together, separate pieces of it fitting together. By all means not a word in common usage with most people. I was correct it assuming that it meant pieces that were connected somehow. Hey I learned a new word and its meaning! If you read this, now you do too!

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