Imperial Gong - Stuck

[Post New]by Idolwannabe on Mar 2, 16 2:36 AM
Hi all, I am stuck. I have to restore the bridge which requires killing off the centaur which requires the imperial gong relic. To get the imperial gong, i have to unlock the anomaly which is in the cemetery. I cannot get into the cemetery because the quest i have to do is to create the imperial gong relic. so confused. Can someone please help.


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Re:Imperial Gong - Stuck

[Post New]by MaryPoppins_2 on Mar 2, 16 3:46 AM
You can find the items you need for the imperial gong, by playing the Asian Market.


Re:Imperial Gong - Stuck

[Post New]by Idolwannabe on Mar 2, 16 7:48 PM
Thank you Mary Poppins 2. So i just have to keep playing it over and over until i get them?

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Re:Imperial Gong - Stuck

[Post New]by reallyl8 on Apr 4, 16 4:39 PM
i'm having the same issue! I've been playing the Asian market over and over and now that I need items for the gong.. they are not dropping! I did have some drop when I first opened that room but not any more.

I am able to 'find' the items for the other two related relics but not for the gong... any other suggestions?

do we have to be a certain level for that to open up? and if so, why would they have that as our quest?! lol

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