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Level 10.10 Solution - SPOILER ALERT!

[Post New]by Janette5 on Mar 3, 16 1:30 AM
I have pasted a walk-through for this level on my website - text and screenshots. Please pm me for the link as I'm not allowed to post it here.

However, if you want it in text it is as follows:

1. Release the arrow on the left without setting off the bomb.
2. Release the bomb at the bottom.
3. Place 3 tiles over the arrow at the bottom right - then leave it alone.
4. Release the top arrow on the right.
5. Use the blue lightening spell to clear some tiles off the board - if you're lucky it will clear the tile off the arrow and leave the tile that is on the pattern. If you're not lucky keep resetting the level until you get lucky!
6. Now make a match across the arrow to get to the tile with pattern on it and at the same time it will release the arrow.
7. Only now release the final bomb.
8. Just match the patterned tiles to the end.

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Re:Level 10.10 Solution - SPOILER ALERT!

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Mar 8, 16 4:34 PM
It's possible to do it without any powerups. After step 3, work on reaching and clearing the bottom arrow and then the patterned tile in the bottom corner with a "build in, clear out" strategy (takes several rounds of scales to reach both those spots). If you don't clear out the bottom corner items before doing the arrow in the upper right, the spaces in the bottom right will become unreachable once the last arrow is gone. Once the tricky lower right is done, carry on with the last arrow and bomb until you're done.

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