To the makers of this game

[Post New]by LadyDi44 on Mar 4, 16 12:04 AM
I absolutely love this game.... Especially the puzzle part where you have to guide the ball into the hole.... Is there any way I can download a game like that?????


Re:To the makers of this game

[Post New]by mogandlola on May 24, 16 4:49 PM
Hi Lady Di!

I haven't ever seen a game here on Big Fish PC games just like the "guide the marble" mini games, though I have seen them on the Android platform (phones/tablets). Anyway, I like them too, and these I have enjoyed have somewhat similar gameplay:

Wonderland Secret Worlds (sliding things to get through a puzzle)
Logic Trap (also, another similar called Push the Box)
Cubis Gold 2

And because you sound like you may think a little like me and enjoy puzzle games, these are some of my all time favorites (some I've played multiple times over the years):

*Emerald Tale
*Ocean Express
*Wonderland Secret Worlds
*Paradise Pet Salon
Jewel Quest Solitaire (I don't like the regular match 3 of Jewel Quest but I like the solitaire.)
Fairway Solitaire
Gardenscapes / Farmscapes

Also, Nancy Drew are not strictly puzzle games, but really fun, have lots of puzzles, and are laid back. My favorites are listed below, and the stars are for my FAVORITE favorites :o)
*The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
Legend of the Crystal Skull
Haunting of Castle Malloy
*Curse of Blackmoor Manor
Treasure in the Royal Tower (it's an old one but a good place to start...)
Secret of the Old Clock (same thing)
*Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Good luck finding what you're interested in! At least there's a free hour of gameplay so you can check things out before purchasing. That has saved me a lot of money in the past 7 years or so.

Take care,

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