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How to find missing ingredients for potions

[Post New]by Volauvent on Dec 16, 09 2:29 AM
[Edit to my original post]

Just finished the game.


Sometimes a potion ingredient is extra hard to find or is simply not stocked on the shelves.

This is what I discovered, and it may have been explained somewhere in the game; dunno.

You can work on more than one spell at a time. Think of it as having 3 pots, not just one.

Some spells require the same ingredient as another displayed spell, but not to worry; just complete the spell that got the item first.

It's pretty much first come, first cast, spell-wise, and you need to know this in order to quickly and painlessly defeat the baddies, never mind the Big Daddy at the end of the game.

As soon as you complete any spell, even if it's not the one you were looking to cast first, the shelves are restocked and now contain whatever was missing before.

You can continue pulling ingredients to complete any spell you've already started, or you can start mixing ingredients for a whole new spell.

It really doesn't matter if your shelves are not stocked with the inventory you need, or the ingredient you need is hiding behind a boot that's an ingredient in another potion.

As long as as an ingredient is showing in any of the spell lists, you can click on the ingredient and it will be added to the pot.

Vol au vent

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