developers record

[Post New]by muddie on Mar 5, 16 12:45 PM
how do you know what it is?Or is there another system to find out?Thanks in advance.Otherwise it's a good game.

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Re:developers record

[Post New]by Janette5 on Mar 14, 16 2:56 PM
No, I don't know how you would tell ahead of time what it is.

I just received an alert once to say - you beat the developers record but it was purely by accident and not by design.

I assume it is the score for the level that beat their record, but I'm not sure.

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Re: Developers Record

[Post New]by layle1 on Apr 11, 16 11:54 PM
It's the score, plus the bonuses and extra resources, that gets you over the developers record. Stick around on the episode, hit the mole a bunch of times for the $500 bonus, make sure to get the chest if it's there, and stock up on resources before hitting the blue check mark and exiting the episode. If you didn't beat the record, go back and play the episode again until you do. Also, I have no idea how to find out the developer's record, but you'll know you have it on the episode when a laptop appears on the ribbon opposite the red special goal indicator.

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Re:developers record

[Post New]by OrionsRose on Apr 22, 16 4:26 PM
Not sure if this has already been mentioned somewhere about the Developer's Record but it seems that you might need to upgrade and/or build everything in addition to hitting the mole several times and getting all the coins, hidden chest, and bonus for garden design. It certainly helps to stock up on supplies too it seems. Whenever I do all those things (and get gold though the time doesn't seem to matter as much) I seem to get the Developer's Record.

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