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Level 35 - Journey's End...HELP!!!

[Post New]by LadyBastet on Mar 6, 16 12:23 AM
I have played this level SO many times, I'm going nuts!
The closest I've gotten is 22 seconds past Moon Phase Time of 10 minutes. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I get all of the crystals that are around, so that's not the problem.
At the end, I never have enough Life Force points to do the last 2 things - the ones that take 12 and then 15 Life Force points. I just sit here clicking on the goats (are those REALLY goats??), watching time tick by. Usually I get all the numbers I need with about 30 seconds left, which isn't enough time to finish "healing nature's wounds" in the pit under the rock.
Can someone help me? I've done every other level with no problem, I would really like to finish the game!
Thanks all, LB

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