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nice change

[Post New]by bradalex on Mar 8, 16 2:48 AM
loved the first one and am enjoying the second. Game is silly and old fashioned but such a refreshing change from all the doom and gloom of the last couple of years It appeals to my sense of humour , and I love the commentators over dramatic style!

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Re:nice change

[Post New]by CiChDa on Mar 8, 16 7:21 AM
i agree, played the first one and this one is even better.

Humor is great, graphics are great, and the lack of the dark side of things is very enjoyable.

Even the voice over in the game is a nice touch.

Hmm, Tuesday's are becoming my most favorite day to shop at BF, they are offering some really good originals.

Thanks BF for your insight for us game club members.


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Re:nice change

[Post New]by mhatfie on Mar 8, 16 9:24 AM
I have to agree that this is a nice change from the dark games that have become the norm lately and that I think have become so repetitious and lacking in variety.

This has humor, great graphics and is actually fun to play. I wish we would start getting more games like this. I might even start buying games again.


Re:nice change

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Mar 10, 16 5:59 AM
I'll triple the agree, so nice to have something uplifting & funny, for a change of pace in my gaming library !!

Plus...this is my first time seeing these games, so I am going to purchase the first one also...a must buy after seeing how much, I enjoy this one .

What a great day...2 new games, to enjoy...been holding off on getting new games, for something I really glad I did because of this nice surprise !!

These games are so well made, great humor, graphics and FUN game play, so happy I tried the demo !!

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Re:nice change

[Post New]by tookat on Mar 18, 16 8:01 AM
It was an absolute delight to find a sequel had come out to Royal Trouble.
I have just played Royal Trouble over, and am going to play Honeymoon Havoc a second time.

If anyone missed it.....there are some Honeymoon photos of Nathaniel and Loreen to look at after the credits.....they were so funny and so well done.

I do hope that Orchid Games comes out with more Loreen and Nathaniel games. I would be happy to see a whole series of these light-hearted and funny games, that still contain challenging puzzles to work through....and, I hope it does not take as long for another sequel to come out.

Bravo Orchid Games, and thank you!

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