If You Have Windows 10 For 30 Days or less

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Mar 8, 16 6:16 AM
Yesterday morning, I turned on the computer and found Windows 10 updating, by itself with no prompt from me. Like many players with 10, my game would not open. Besides that, I did not like 10 at all. This morning, in frustration, I searched how to uninstall Windows 10, and was surprised there was a way, BUT only if you have had it for 30 days or less. I was able to recover my old faithful Windows 7, and almost everything is as it should be, just a couple things need to be fixed, luckily nothing major. And my game is just where I left it before the update. CAUTION, I am not a techie, just adventurous, and it happened to work for me since I shut down the game the night before the Windows 10 update started. I was very apprehensive when the game would not open immediately so I reinstalled it and it came back to the last time I played. As I said, so far everything is as it should be with a few fixes needed, but this only works if you have had Windows 10 for 30 days or less, and by doing this, it can change anything new that was added to your computer while you have had Windows 10. Disclaimer: I am not saying to do it, just that it is a possibility.

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Re:If You Have Windows 10 For 30 Days or less

[Post New]by esheley on Mar 8, 16 6:30 AM
I read a few weeks ago that Windows 10 would eventually become an automatic update. I immediately turned off automatic updates.

I play on a Kindle, so this doesn't affect me, but for any of the PC players who have Windows 7 or 8 and are concerned about the game being more problematic under Windows 10, you might want to check this.


Re:If You Have Windows 10 For 30 Days or less

[Post New]by pmwright610 on Mar 8, 16 6:59 AM
Good info to know. I turned off automatic updates so it will not happen again, and feel lucky that it had just been installed for one day. I did not like that version at all, and am happy to be back to what I know. Wonder what the problem is and how long it will be before it gets fixed because it seems a lot of Windows 10 players are on stand by.

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Re:If You Have Windows 10 For 30 Days or less

[Post New]by tazruby2000 on Mar 8, 16 8:29 AM
If you want to go back to your previous version of windows, I posted how below.

More helpful info and how to downgrade / recover old OS

How to downgrade Windows 10: Before you begin

You have 1 month to go back to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 after installing Windows 10. So make sure you make up your mind before the option disappears.
The first step is of course to back up any information you currently have on your PC that you want to keep. Changing an operating system is a big thing, and data can often be lost along the way. You can use external hard drives, thumb drives, or some of the various online cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Tresorit, that offer lots of space for free. When you’ve safely removed any documents, video, photos, or other important data you need, you’re safe to begin. Remember that this may also take a little time, so don’t start if you have plans for the immediate future.

How to downgrade Windows 10: Using the Update & Security settings
When you install Windows 10 on a PC that already has a Windows, the old version is stored away in a folder called Windows.old. While this takes up space, it also means that you can restore the version via Windows 10 itself. To do this first open the Windows Start menu by clicking on the icon in the bottom left of the screen. Select Settings from the menu.

On the next page you’ll find a list of options on the left, one of which is Recovery. Click this and the main pane will display a variety of choices. The one you want is ‘Go back to Windows x’ where x will be 7 or 8.1 depending on what your computer was running. Click 'Get started' to begin. If you’re using a laptop you’ll also need to connect it to a power source or the option won’t work.

You’ll now be presented with a blue screen (no death involved) asking you why you’re downgrading? Take a moment to fill this in, as it’s a helpful tool for Microsoft in gauging the user’s experience with Windows 10. Click Next when you’re done.

Before Windows starts the process it gives a couple more opportunities to cancel, and also reminds you that if you had a password on your previous version of Windows then you’ll require it once the process is finished. If you’re happy to proceed then just click Next, then put the kettle on.

This and other things about windows 10 can be found in the link below.

Windows 10


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Re:If You Have Windows 10 For 30 Days or less

[Post New]by BFFirefly on Mar 8, 16 8:44 AM
To add to Tazruby2000's helpful advice, also hide that update.

Here is the Windows update that contains the Win 10 downloader: KB3035583

Go into Windows Updates and look for it. Then uncheck it to be installed, right click on it and it will offer Hide Update. Beware though because Microsoft changed it with a newer version of it after I hid it so it would reappear and moved it from Optional to Important and I had to hide it again. Anyway, when wanting to install the other updates, make sure you look for KB3035583, uncheck it, hide it, and then you can install the rest.

Go to: