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Intruder boss level guides

[Post New]by Justin96 on Dec 16, 09 11:35 PM
Here are the tips I am giving

Level 45
Bite his tail and lure him to a mine. Very easy and direct.

Level 48
Stay away from his range.
It is like level 45 anyway

Level 51
Shrink pelicans
I like the pelicans when shrinked even though they only give 10 points
Tip: Bite the intruder after the pelican is gone and jump.
Bonus: Look for 1-UP bubbles floating on balloons.

Level 54
No boss, just a bonus stage.

Level 57
Same as 48 only now with green fish

level 60
Clear the cuttlefish
Eat the green fish and bring them to the bottom
Fight the Intruder at the top
When the bombs explode, another one appear slowly so us ethat time to lure all fishes to the bottom

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