Game shuts down immediately

[Post New]by UghTech on Dec 17, 09 7:32 AM
When I start the game on my notebook with Windows 7 on it, it shuts down after a few seconds changing screen resolution.
After it has stopped I need to kill the bigfishgamesclient.exe process and the event log shows two from Desktop Window Manager (9010 and 9013).

Is this a known bug? How can I solve the problem?

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Re:Game shuts down immediately

[Post New]by puzzledone on Dec 17, 09 7:59 AM
I don't understand your tech problem, just want to suggest that you click the green envelope on the right sidebar to get tech help. The forum pages move very fast and your post may not be seen nor anyone know a solution. You can email customer service or use LiveChat during business hours weekdays PST if you are a club member.

There was a rebuild of this game since the original release slowing down the last levels. Perhaps you need to uninstall the first one and reinstall if you haven't. Hope you gt a fix from CS, they are very very helpful. Good luck!


Re:Game shuts down immediately

[Post New]by msthingsmith on Feb 21, 12 1:21 PM
I am having the same problem on multiple games which are new installs.

The game starts and only displays the game for a moment. the returns to the desktop. Game audio and application continue to run.

When I get the Win 7 Error Logs, I get the same Desktop display manager 9010 and 9013 error repeatedly.

When I close the Application Icon, it toggles between states of turning hardware accelerator on and off.

NB: This is a recent event after the last Win 7 and Asus Updates.

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Re:Game shuts down immediately

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Feb 21, 12 3:14 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to hear that your games are giving you trouble by just shutting down immediately. When this happens one thing I would try is running the game as administrator:

Run Game as Administrator

(if you click the blue text it will take you right to the article) and see if that helps. If you're still running into trouble after that I would get in contact with our Tech Support team with a Dr. Felix and one of our reps will be able to help you get to the bottom of that.

Also to help keep new threads open for game play questions I'll be locking this thread up. But if you have any other tech issues I would definitely post them in our tech thread for this game here:

Post any 4 Elements technical issues here only

This will help us track any issues with the game. Thank you and hope that helps!


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