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The games bugs me

[Post New]by Melissa1978_01 on Dec 17, 09 8:52 PM
I started playing last night and already the game bugs me I am on the first board and I am having a hardtime finding many things like at first I found the red bottle of dye the woman needs at the beauty parlor outside the diner and now I can't get back to get it back.....The aunt tells me her wire cutters on in the shop I go back can't find them and many other things that agrevated me to know end.I may not bother finishing it.

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Re: The games bugs me

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Jan 3, 10 2:31 PM
If you find this kind of relaxed multi-tasking annoying rather than fun, then this game definitely isn't for you. Because it's ALL like that--well, except for the minigames.

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