Quest chests

[Post New]by starmagicgreen on Mar 12, 16 4:49 AM
Does anyone remember which quest had the 800 silver tarra cards as a reward? I scrolled through the forum but cant seem to find chest contents for the newer quests.


Re:Quest chests

[Post New]by Librarian2003 on Mar 12, 16 5:02 AM
It was the Cave Technology quest in February, and it was 800 gold tarra cards.

Chest contents here:

I do wonder whether that 800 will be reduced to 80 next time the quest comes around.


Re:Quest chests

[Post New]by starmagicgreen on Mar 12, 16 5:05 AM
Yes, Librarian, exactly what I meant- gold- and thank you so much!

Edited to add, I will post here once I finish it. Thank you again

Yes, you still get the 800 Gold cards, happy to find out.

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