Level 112 for Granny in Paradise

[Post New]by Shadowofdreams2 on Mar 12, 16 8:14 AM
I have played this level for 3 weeks now and there seems to be no way to beat it.
I play until I get frustrated then quit and go back. I really hate tossing it, but looks like I might have too if you can't help me.


Re:Level 112 for Granny in Paradise

[Post New]by MYLish on Sep 1, 16 1:13 PM
The first thing you want to do is water the plant in the middle. Then grab the water again and go to one side to collect cats as you go to the top. Avoid the gorilla, or course, and watch the dogs across the top (wait until they are both at least half way over to the other side) before you go up to that level since they too will run at you. Dig three holes (one for each baddie), then cross over the top and climb down the first plant that you grew. I'm not sure why this level is hard, so maybe you can explain where it is you are getting hung up.

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