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Bonus chapter-placing statue

[Post New]by welshway5 on Mar 14, 16 2:22 AM
Help! I'm trying to place the "girl statue" in the tree compartment, but it just won't let me. It makes me place the child's drawing with the statue, then nothing else moves. Thanks for any tips you can provide.

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Re:Bonus chapter-placing statue

[Post New]by OhWise1z on Apr 1, 16 1:28 PM
A bit late, but just in case it is still useful to you or someone else who had the same problem:

Once you've put the three pieces of the statue together and the three pieces of the drawing together, and then put the drawing and the statue together, the last step is to move the arms of the man and woman on the statue to match the drawing. Obscure, I know! After all of that is completed, you will be able to place the statue.

Best of luck!


Re:Bonus chapter-placing statue

[Post New]by ray167ZXC on May 13, 16 2:36 PM
how do I get to play the bonus chapter of edgar allen Poe's the tell tale heart

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