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There's a nice:)

[Post New]by DonnyDJ on Dec 18, 09 8:50 PM
I love games with timers....Except when HOGs have one...Those I play to relax. If people want a no timer option, I would agree with that, but to not have a timer at all in a time management game is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard.

If Playfirst would wise up and put a no timer option in their dash games, they would sell even better, but the thought of having no timer at all is pretty sad..


Re:There's a nice:)

[Post New]by TopazMystique on Jan 25, 10 7:02 AM
Yes, "time" management should mean that there is a timer of some sort involved. I enjoy playing a lot of the TM games but for those of us who can't make the fast movements, buying these games is probably a waste of money. There's no reason why TM games can't replace timers with awards for no timer players; could still be based on time or for completing certain goals. Game sales would be greatly improved.

Unfortunately, a lot of the TM games are okay for the first hour (end of demo time) and then they get way to hectic. I have at least several games that I will probably never play again because of the time restrictions and/or click-fest needed to complete levels; latest being Chicken Chase. I got up to level 27 and just decided it wasn't worth the frustration.

For those of you who enjoy these click-fests, you won't like Tropical Farm and/or Virtual Farm but I purchased both and found both to be very charming games, a lot of fun, and not frantically frustrating. I was able to finish Tropical Farm with golds on all levels (did have to replay a few) and will probably never earn all the awards in Virtural Farm but it's a cute, never-ending type game that you can just play a little bit here or there.

So for all you time-crazed players, happy gaming. For me, I'll just sit back and enjoy TM games like Tropical Farm and Virtual Farm.

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