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I'm stuck

[Post New]by k524 on Dec 19, 09 12:05 AM
Hi, I have been playing this game for a while, but I am stuck.

I can't seem to get the orders to fill. I have gone on and on for hours.

Is there a secret to getting the orders to fill so I can move on to the next

I think I am stuck on Level 10.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Karin

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Re:I'm stuck

[Post New]by JoyWales on Dec 19, 09 12:17 AM
can't remember having a problem but will go back and replay to refresh my memory.

Sorry, must have uninstalled it or else it is on laptop which is being repaired

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Re: I'm stuck

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Aug 23, 12 1:51 PM
If there's any secret, it's in NOT letting any blossom you need become part of a line-of-3 and thus get deleted.

I've sometimes tried to work that by rotating those of the same kind as the one I'm trying to pull in further away from the target area where I'm trying to assemble the bouquet.

That help any?



[Post New]by n34139 on Nov 6, 12 6:14 AM
I have spent HOURS (accumulatively) trying to get past one level of making bouquets...I read the blogs to see if there is a problem with the game, 'just keep going...it does end'...well, that worked for the first set but I am on one now that I CAN NOT finish. I am just trying to collect the flowers in the bouquet...do I need to make the design or something? Good grief, please someone advise.....

Note: I loved the first game but this is extremely sad. Are they trying to extend the time of play? If so, it's a pathetic attempt. Sigh! Help......



[Post New]by n34139 on Nov 6, 12 6:18 AM
YES! You have to create the exact bouquet to complete the level! Good luck!

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