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[Post New]by SabineEden on Dec 19, 09 7:42 AM
It's been mentioned elsewhere, but there are bugs in this game. First of all, you have to be extremely precise in selecting things, which is an irritating feature of a few of the hidden object games, especially when the items are so small you almost need a magnifying glass to see them. Some games let you zoom in to solve this problem, but not this one.

The major problem for me, however, is that I am stuck in a location because not matter where I move the cursor, there is no arrow to allow me to leave the location. I'm looking at what is clearly part of a note over a child's sand shovel/scoop, but when I click on it, I get nothing. Clicking on the hint button tells me to go to another location, but again, I can't do that for the reasons I've stated.

I unfortunately found out this last bug only after purchasing the game. Very sorry I wasted my time on this one. I only bought it because there is a dearth of good games for Macs since it takes a while for games to be ported over to that operating system, and now I'm sorry I wasted my money.

Here's hoping that the kind people who code for Macs will take pity and get us some of the great titles from the PC side and port them over faster.


Re:Game bugs

[Post New]by SabineEden on Dec 21, 09 7:29 AM
I started again from the beginning, and with the walkthrough for this game at [Gamezebo], I was able to figure out that there were a couple of pieces of the note that I hadn't found. What is frustrating is that when I clicked for a hint for these pieces of the note, I was told that I needed to look elsewhere, rather than being shown the location of the note.

If you get similarly stuck (this was in the playground at the park, the second time you go there), look at the screen snapshots at gamezebo to find all the pieces of the note.

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