Level 10-12 without powers???

[Post New]by Dayanablack on Mar 15, 16 8:58 AM
i'm having problems replaying this level....... with the red tile on the right () Problem is that I have to combine 4 tiles to "pinch" the arrows and move the column to grab the red tile..... I had to use powers to clear the board otherwise it's impossible.... or not?

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Re:Level 10-12 without powers???

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Mar 15, 16 1:00 PM
No it's not impossible...you just have to be careful with how you line up the scales so there's always at least one more match planned, preferably 2 since you need to align 4 or more of the same color for a match. I focused on removing the patterned scales and the upper arrows first, then exploded the bombs. Then removed the lower right arrow and set up blues around the blue patterned scale at bottom. The red patterned scale at the bottom right is the trickiest one - put something that has red at the beginning or end down into the 3 spaces immediately to the left at the bottom. Then get another scale set starting or ending with red to put into the three spaces above the patterned red. Pay attention to what else is around in the upper part because you don't want to fence yourself in by randomly mixing up colors in the adjacent upper spaces. Then the tedious part begins - you have to clear out the blocking scale(s) in the top area until you can get a set with red (again, usually red at the start or end) into the last upper space to match out the patterned red.

If you'd rather use some of the powerups you can either replay some of the earlier boards or play coliseum mode to earn more coins.

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Re:Level 10-12 without powers???

[Post New]by Janette5 on Mar 15, 16 1:03 PM
Yes it is possible to pass the level without spells.

It is easier if you make a match with the tiles beyond the arrows before releasing the arrows, but not critical. It just takes longer to go back to them if you don't.

Once all the bombs and arrows are released then you can get to the red from 2 sides so that one isn't the most challenging tile.

What I did was just let the board fill up on the right and keep clearing it from the left and eventually I'd catch up and clear the right side and then could place the right colour tile - and repeat the process.

Edit: I only saw there was a reply after posting mine - but now you have double confirmation that it is possible It's a good thing we agree!

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Re:Level 10-12 without powers???

[Post New]by Dayanablack on Mar 19, 16 4:31 AM

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