[Post New]by Lady7up on Sep 25, 08 3:37 AM
[b]Hi! I have played this game on this computer before but i had to reformat the computer, it will download and i go to play it ,it does nothing but if i go to play another game it says i can't because there is another game running can someone help me please.
Thank You
Lady7up {Tammy}



[Post New]by DorkQueen on Sep 25, 08 4:58 AM
First, BFG Help section may be your best bet, or speaking to one of their Customer Service People, they are really awesome.

I personally have had this problem as well a few times with some games I have wanted to play. What I do is completly restart my computer, then go to the "My Computer" area and make sure that the game is completly UnInstalled. Then I make sure and clear all my temporary files and stuff like that. Then I restart my computer yet again.......then i go back and reinstall the game and it works everytime.

The Customer service people here may be able to help you more, but I hope that gives you something to work with for now.

Good Luck!!!


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